Welcome to the Where from? Where now? blog…

…an open journal of the stories and views of homeless women in London.

Over the next eight months I will spend two days each week working on this project. Through this blog I want to share with you the opinions and experiences of the women I meet and the service providers who work with them.

In many cases women may not want to tell their stories straight away and in some cases, maybe never. So I am building up an insight into their lives over time and I want to use this blog to share that process with you. I will post about what I see, hear and learn as it unfolds. I really hope you find it informative and interesting and I look forward to any comments and discussions that follow…

So, in a word: welcome!

One Response to “Welcome to the Where from? Where now? blog…”

  1. Christel Aguila says:

    What a really good project Georgina! I am looking forward to following your blog and to the poignant photos as events unfold. Your photographs are so powerful. Raising awareness and highlighting the plight of women in disadvantaged areas abroad, and more importantly in the streets of London, is equally important and truly inspirational.

    All the best!

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