Demolition Day

There was huge excitement and cheers in one of St Mungo’s semi independent houses yesterday, as the old garden shed came crashing down. Now a twisted pile of metal and wood, they’ve got the designs and funds in place, and it’s all systems go to get the new one up.

Lucy, one of the women in the gardening group, started this shed project. She had waited two years for this moment. “It feels so good, and who’d have thought we did it all with a tiny claw hammer. Along with lots of muscle power, determination and motivation. We’ve decided on the new one. We’re going to build one with lovely glass doors and windows. It has such potential. It is an amazing place that can become a hive of activity. It seemed such a waste to have a shed at the bottom of the garden that was basically a rubbish cupboard. We’ve got a couple of weeks to prepare the area and then we’ll be ready to put the new one up.”

Watch this space…

The group is part of St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots gardening programme. Have a read here for more information.


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