Starting the conversation

Last night I met a young girl, I don’t think she was more than early 20’s, sleeping out in Central London. I really wanted to know more about her story and find out what it was that led to her being out. So I went back today to see if she would be happy to talk to me as part of this project.  I found her sitting on the pavement where the Boxing Day shopping crowds were thinning out as they headed home. She was wrapped up in her sleeping bag, in need of her second one (but she’d given it to keep a dog warm).  It wasn’t a good time to talk as she was out begging, and it was a busy hour, but we’ve arranged to meet tomorrow.  I really hope she’ll be there.

Further down the street was another lady sitting on her own. She was five months pregnant. She started to tell me her story, but before she agrees to go on record she wants to discuss the project with her boyfriend first.  I have her mobile number so will call her tomorrow.  They normally sleep in a storage cupboard by a housing estate, so I had been lucky to meet her.

I will let you know if I meet up with either of them again.

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